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Oliver - posted 08/07/2013

From Erin of Grand Island, NE

Several years ago, I began asking my husband for a small lap dog. My children were growing up too quickly, and I needed another "baby".

After seeing an ad for a miniature poodle, my husband responded and surprised me!

Oliver had been adopted at 4 weeks old, and his current owners were working long hours and had no time for him. He was only 10 months, but knew none of the basics-not potty trained, and had a tendency to be destructive.

When I reached over to take him from his owner's arms, she was shocked that he would go to me. (to this day, when I hold him if someone reaches out to try and take him, he turns his head away like a toddler would).

After months of love and training, and a few instances of chasing the runaway, I was scheduled to have a surgery which would permanently end my child bearing years. I was even more grateful for my "baby".

Something went dreadfully wrong during the surgery, and I have been disabled ever since. Shortly after my surgery, I was at the store and had Ollie with me (Hobby Lobby allowed him to come in since he would ride in cart and behave so well). All of a sudden he began trembling, and became very agitated. I picked him up out of the cart to see what was wrong, and was hit with a pain that knocked me off my feet. Oliver was on the ground and searching for my daughter to come help in a matter of seconds.

Since that day, we have had Oliver certified as a medical service dog, and he goes everywhere I go. The love and care that he shows me is unparalleled, and I often wonder what my life would be had we not taken a chance on an un-trained, non-housebroken puppy who ran away every time the door opened. I dread the day that one of us faces life without the other....we are both truly blessed to have been united and bonded by such love.

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