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Sequoyah - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Sequoyah, a dog
Adopted from Northern California Animal Rescue Friends, Elk Grove, CA

Sequoyah - posted 06/10/2013

From Colleen of Oakland, CA

Six months after we lost our beloved sweet Cattle Dog mix to cancer, we were ready to adopt a new dog. Our other dog Rufus, a dachshund / spaniel mix who was a rescue from the Milo Foundation, was sad without his friend and so were the humans in the house.

We searched daily to look at Cattle Dog mixes. The magical day came that I first saw beautiful Sequoyah's picture and it was truly love at first sight. Look at this beautiful girl with her eye makeup and amazing markings!

Sequoyah is one lucky dog. She was a stray in Bakersfield and ended up at the Bakersfield shelter, which is a very high kill shelter. We are eternally grateful to the network of volunteers who shuttle dogs from the Bakersfield Shelter to various rescue groups, many of them in the Bay Area. Sequoyah's luck continued when she was placed in foster care with Lorice, an independent Cattle Dog rescuer in Fremont who works with Northern California Animal Rescue Friends.

Sequoyah was EXTREMELY timid when we first met her. When we walked in the door, she barked at us, peed on the floor and hid under a chair. We weren't deterred - we sat down outside to see if she would warm up to us. She relaxed a little and played with some of her foster siblings, and then at one point ran up to me, planted a kiss on my cheek and ran back to playing. The decision was made. We knew this shy timid dog could be rehabilitated. It was a lot of work getting her used to things as simple as baby carriages, bicycles, people wearing hats or ride in the car, but she showed amazing courage and little by little got over her fears. Two years later, she is now a very well adjusted, well trained dog who gets along great with her brother Rufus as well as our chickens.

Thank you to, her foster mother Lorice and Northern California Animal Rescue Friends, and the unnamed rescuers who pulled this sweet timid dog out of the high kill shelter where she stood little chance of being adopted. We love this sweet girl so much!

In this picture, Sequoyah is on the left and her little brother Rufus is on the right.

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Six months after we lost our beloved sweet Cattle Dog mix to...
Adopted from Northern California Animal Rescue Friends, Elk Grove, CA

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