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Daisy - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Daisy, a dog
Adopted from Lonestar Pyrs & Paws-NORTH, Croydon, NH

Daisy - posted 11/25/2013

From Jennifer of Stoughton, MA

I had been looking for months for a dog on Petfinder when I came across her picture. I immediately submitted all the paperwork which should be a shoo-in, considering my career as a manager and a vet tech at our family-owned Animal Hospital, our large fenced in yard, no kids, etc.... We're looking and devoted and I can feel it. But ... Daisy was promised to another

approved adopter :( I just knew I had to keep trying; I knew deep down she was 'my' dog even though I had never met her. Well, the first approved owners fell through and because I was so pesky inquiring if they had changed their minds on a daily basis, Leslie from Lonestar Pyrs & Paws let me know right away I could adopt her. You could have told me I had won the lottery I was so excited! Daisy and her siblings came from an [open-admission] shelter in Kentucky and traveled to Vermont where my husband and I made the four-hour trip to meet her and take her home. This was the exact same day that our animal hospital was changing locations; we had been moving all morning and felt bad about leaving the rest of the crew to finish up, but this was 'the day', so off we went. We knew instantly she was meant to be a part of our lives. She traveled quietly in her pet carrier all the way home stopping once for a potty break, we decided on the name Daisy.

Daisy is such a joy, she makes us smile and laugh on a daily basis. She's learning how to roll over, is in love with her balls and Frisbees, and is a bit crazy about her laser light toy and really likes getting dirty in the mud. She is not allowed 'stuffed' animals since she promptly unstuffs them and bites off eyes, ears, limbs until the desired effect or we take away.

Daisy has some dog visitors but doesn't seem to want dog friends; we'll be working on this with a trainer since we would like to adopt another dog in the future.

It' s been one year since we adopted her; we couldn't be happier and we think she' s pretty happy with us, too!

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