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Remi - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Remi, a dog
Adopted from Canine Companions Rescue Center, Clarkston, MI

Remi - posted 06/02/2013

From Brooke of West Bloomfield, MI

It was a normal day, just like any other. I was scouring the pages of, searching for that forever friend when I saw him for the first time. That little thumbnail image of "Dunkel" (as he was so named) had my heart fluttering. One look at that little face and I knew it was meant to be. At the time, he was a 14 week old Husky x Collie (and maybe something else too!) with the sweetest little smile and sad eyes. I contacted the shelter that had him, and the rest was history. Now two years later, "Remi" (as we renamed him) still has me wrapped around his little paws. He's grown into a big healthy boy who loves going on regular walks at the park, playing Frisbee in the yard, and snuggling with us in bed at night. Perhaps his favorite thing of all is to give kisses...and he does so on command ,willingly and endlessly. I don't think we rescued him, I think he rescued us. Everyday I count my lucky stars for having him in my life, and am confident that he makes me a better person. We're hoping to train him to work with mentally handicapped persons, so that he can bring the same sort of light and joy into their lives as he has ours. Petfinder connected me with my best buddy, and its been the most incredible two years of our lives.

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