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Annie - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Annie, a dog
Adopted from Muscatine Humane Society, Muscatine, IA

Annie - posted 05/26/2013

From Lindsey of East Moline, IL

My boyfriend Kris and I were inspired to get an English Setter because of Kris' family's wonderful Setter named Jessie. We knew we wanted to adopt and so we started looking regularly on Petfinder's website. One day, we came across Annie's picture. She was a three year old tr-colored English Setter. We soon decided to make the 45 minute drive to Muscatine, Iowa to meet her. We arrived at the shelter and informed staff that we had seen Annie on Petfinder and were interested in meeting her. A staffer took Annie out of her kennel and we followed him to the outdoor play area. That's when we were told Annie's story.

He said that Annie was a "special" case. She was 1 of 18 dogs that were rescued from a puppy mill. She had several litters of puppies while living in a small cage in unimaginable conditions. She had little human interaction, received minimal food, and battled all weather elements. We were told that there were other cages of dogs stacked above her and that's why Annie's fur was still slightly yellow in color. The dogs ate, slept, and pottied in their cages. Annie didn't learn how to walk until she arrived at the Muscatine Humane Society at the age of three. I was both heartbroken and disgusted after hearing what Annie had been through, but I knew that feeling sorry for her wasn't going to do her any good. And so we adopted her on the spot. Annie is still our little scaredy cat but has made leaps and bounds since the day we adopted her. These days, Annie can be found snoring on our bed, walking along the Mississippi River, lounging on the couch, running at the dog park, hanging at grandma and grandpa's house, chewing on her Kong, and most importantly being loved.

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