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Kona - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Kona, a cat
Adopted from Angelcat Haven, Plainville, MA

Kona - posted 05/26/2013

From Kathryn of Springfield, MA

Before meeting Kona (formally KittenCooney3), I was cautioned about her demeanor. Kona was not as outgoing as her litter mates and as a result was the last one to be placed. When brought to open adoption centers, she would coward in her litter box and as a result was overlooked by potential forever homes. Due to her skittish nature, I was invited to her foster home to meet her in hopes that she would be more comfortable on her "turf." Needless to say, it was love at first sight. She was cautious, but there was something about her that struck me. We had a two hr ride back home. She cried from her carrier and my heart began to break. Despite my better judgement, I unzipped part of the carrier in an attempt to calm her. I slipped my hand in and let her smell my hand and said "it's OK little one, I'm here." She began to lick my hand and laid her head on it. She stayed this way for the entire way home. Since that moment, we have been inseparable. She has grown into a confident cat with a playful heart. She is honestly the perfect cat; doesn't scratch furniture or people, doesn't bite, doesn't hiss, only meows to talk with her people. Her favorite game is fetch with a little raffia ball or green sock, she likes to jump into my arms and sit on my shoulder like a parrot, and she loves cuddling under the covers in the cooler months. Thank you Petfinder and Angelcat Haven for introducing me to the purrfect furry companion :

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