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PUPPY LOVE AND OTHER - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of PUPPY LOVE AND OTHER, a dog
Adopted from Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter, West Monroe, LA

PUPPY LOVE AND OTHER - posted 05/16/2013


April 20, 2013. Volunteer day at Ouachita Parish Louisiana Animal Shelter. As soon as I arrived, the manager of the shelter, looked at me and said, "I have one for you" We had done this before with Abby. He handed me a chair and blanket and brought me to the back where they house the unadoptable dogs. Like Abby, my sweet maltipoo, this little dachshund mix with a million spots was considered unadoptable because she was so frightened – and so like Abby he set me up with a chair and blanket in the cage with her. After about 30 minutes she was out of the Dogloo inching closer and closer until she was touching my hands. In 15 more she was still shaking but cuddled in my lap wrapped up tight in the blanket.

We talked softly about what a good girl she was and how much she deserved to be loved. All the while, I prayed for help to reach her.... and soon the shaking stopped. In the next hour we were giving her shots, she got a much needed bath and she was moved to the adoptable area – name on her card ….Sadie.

A few people had shown some interest. I so hoped that someone would take her ... I really did. But she was still tentative – not quite ready -- unless of course I walked by ... then she would jump up on the gate, wag her tail and roll over on her back J.

Needless to say she has joined the ranks of unadoptable dogs who have touched my life over the past 7 years…. Maggie Mae Slatten, who came from a Special Needs Rescue in San Diego - beaten and not allowed to eat because she was female … I hand fed her for months because she was afraid to get close to the bowl; Oliver Modesto Slatten, about to be put down in Stanislaus County California because of encephalitis - I begged them and he came back to San Diego with us – and after days of high fever and several sleepless nights his condition turned around and survived. Abby Gail Slatten –terrified unadoptable, discarded on the side of the road – pregnant and too far along to be spayed. A few weeks later my husband and I delivered 5 girls – 4 white maltipoos and 1 brown daddy looking girl – we named Fawn… 3 of them found homes within my work family… 4 of 5 … was my Ella Fitzgerald Slatten. Her name? My husband, an artist, was doing a series of Jazz greats paintings at the time. Anyway, during birth, Ella got stuck and without oxygen for several minutes. When we finally got her out she was blue and lifeless. I did rescue breathing and massage until she finally took her first breath – she went to other families but kept coming back … she was supposed to ours all along. Ollie and Abby are gone now – crossed the Rainbow Bridge as the poem says - and Maggie and Ella have a new sister … Sadie Marie Slatten…. Don’t ask me … she told me her middle name was Marie ….

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