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Yukon - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Yukon, a dog
Adopted from Ionia County Animal Shelter, Ionia, MI

Yukon - posted 04/23/2013

From Gina of Jenison, MI

I researched breeds for a long time. My sister had a Husky that I adored, and I loved the energy the breed had. Unlike my sister though, I wanted to adopt a dog rather than pay a breeder. I found and started looking for a Husky. After a couple of months, I fell in love with a picture and story. Yukon was at the Ionia County Animal Shelter in Ionia Michigan, about an hour away from my home. I called the shelter to inquire about this beautiful dog! He had a sad story. Yukon had been on the streets for a couple months and no one could catch him, so he was very skinny when he was brought in, weighing only about 40 pounds (he's 65lbs now!). This timid guy was about 1 year old and flinched when anyone approached or put a hand out, but wasn't aggressive. The lady at the shelter told me he was very sick with worms and kennel cough and was due to be put down. I had never met this dog, but I knew he would be mine. The next day I went and adopted him. I couldn't even bring him straight home because he was so sick. He spent a week at the vet due to worms, and kennel cough that had turned to pneumonia. I decided to keep the name the shelter had given him, Yukon. He came home with me and has been with me for nearly 8 years now. He still flinches a bit when you go to pet his head, but he is so much better! He's had such a horrible start to life, and we've had our struggles. See, Yukon has a problem with running away and I assume that's how he ended up in a shelter in the first place. Hes a Houdini with even an 8 foot fence! In the time I've had him, hes been hit by 5 cars and is now 50% blind in both of his eyes. He has more lives than a cat! I'm now pregnant with my first baby, and he cuddles with my belly like it is 'his baby' already. I can't imagine life without him, and I owe it to

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