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Ernie - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Ernie, a dog
Adopted from Burlington Animal Shelter, Burlington, ON

Ernie - posted 07/30/2013

From Sally of Hamilton, ON

Meet Ernie the Jack Russell!

I had always wanted a dog, pretty much since I could could remember. I harassed my parents for one! So when the time came and they had deemed our family was in the right time to add a dog to the house, I instantly wanted to rescue. At 14 years old, I took to the Internet to find my family the perfect pet!

This is when I came across Ernie, a five-year-old Jack Russell Terrier. Instantly my parents were apprehensive just because of the breed, but I researched and convinced them it was worth the trip to at least visit him.

It was a match made in heaven. The moment my family met him we decided that he would be great for us. The shelter staff had informed us that he had been at the shelter for over two months and that it was time for him to find his forever home!

We took him home later in the week, and he has been amazing ever since then. Now four years later, he still acts crazy as can be but he is perfect. Ernie makes the best companion; he has lots of energy for when you want to do any activity, but as soon as you're relaxing in the house, he wants to snuggle up and relax with you! He makes the best hiking or beach buddy and will never miss a chance to play fetch!

Rescuing him has been one of the most rewarding experiences, and we cannot imagine our lives without his silly antics.

Now that I am living in residence at University, I miss him like crazy and I always look forward to the weekends of break when I can make it home to spend time with him and my family.

I think his story is an excellent example of giving a dog a chance. Being a breed notorious of bad behavior, he was overlooked by many adopters, but he turned out to be a very special companion to our family. He was already trained when we got him, knowing basic commands, but we have broadened his knowledge and Ernie now enjoys agility and flyball. He loves to spend hours outside playing fetch and he always looks forward to his daily walks in the creek by our house. He is a stellar example of how amazing adopting an older dog can be. He was five when we got him. Now he is nine, but he definitely doesn't show his age!

In the picture you can see him having his first bath after we adopted him. The second we got home he wanted to play ball and so we did in the muddy October yard! He was adopted just days before Canadian Thanksgiving, and he truly is a blessing.

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