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Odin - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Odin, a dog
Adopted from Collin County Humane Society, McKinney, TX

Odin - posted 03/16/2013

From Sue of Anchorage, AK

Alaska?! Yep, I'm no longer Bailey, a Texas boy, but a full Alaskan convert with a new name, Odin. I don't mind the new name 'cause it comes with a new life. This place is great! Snow! Smells! Moose! and rabbits in the yard for my viewing and barking pleasure!

My pack consists of four and we all get along great. Two humans and two of us canines. My "brother," Norse, (really, an Oklahoma boy saved from a dog jail and not my litter mate) and I feel so happy to have full house, couch and bed privileges. We play hard and act like we're fighting but we both understand each other -- it's so darn much fun. I am very well behaved in the house 'cept I still don't always "hold itÂ". Now I wear a belly band when I'm not supervised which is a solution that works for all of us.

I'm so thankful to my foster mom, Stacy, at Collin County Humane Society, for taking the time and effort to coordinate my travels and safely put me on that jet headed north. It was a scary trip but I'm a brave boy and it was well worth the end result! I'm also so glad makes these long-distance connections possible.

I have a two story house with lots of windows to look out over almost my own acre and a clear view railing on the porch, all glass so I can keep watch -- one of my favorite things in the whole wide world to do. Another one of my favorite things are my (almost) daily WALKS!! I go in the rain, snow, ice and in the summer stroll under the midnight sun.

I am forced to go to a nice lady they call the vet, who sometimes gets too close to my face and puts her hands ALL over me. I behave and put up with it (but don't smile) 'cause afterward I usually feel better and am told it's good for my long-term health. My brother and I also eat good, healthy well-balanced food and treats that my humans grouse costs more than their food...but they say we're worth it. I guess it's working 'cause my tail and whole body wag every day, almost all day long.

Happy trails to my Lone Star state brothers & sisters...keep those tails wagging and your tales BIG!

Warm regards,

'Sourdough' Odin

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