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jackson - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of jackson, a dog
Adopted from 57 House All Breed Rescue, Burns, TN

Jackson - posted 02/01/2013

From judy of syosset, NY

I had been looking for a German Shepherd puppy to keep my 11 year old Shepherd girl young at heart. It was important to bring in a puppy as I have cats and felt he could learn his place in the pack as a youngster.

At the end of last March, Petfinder posted three purebred litter mates from a rescue group in Tennessee. Apparently, their breeder had had a family emergency and was unable to care for the litter.

As a former Shepherd breeder/exhibitor (who has only done rescue for the past 20 years) I knew that these were well-bred little boys and inquired about one who caught my eye.

After going the an application process, I picked up my little guy from a transport that took him to Parsippany, New Jersey.

There, I was handed over a six-pound dark little ball of fluff, who cried all the way home to Long Island.

Originally named "Apache," he quickly became Action Jackson and charmed his way into everyone's heart, including my 11 year old Shepherd girl. The cats were not overly thrilled, but once they taught him that it was not OK to be too rambunctious, they accepted him into the family pack.

The attached photos show what was a little fluff ball as a handsome little 4-month old. Now 10 months and 70 pounds, he is a happy, kind overgrown puppy who is as fearless as he is lovable.

I have had Shepherds for my entire adult life and have yet to meet a better addition to my family. It's interesting that the Tennessee rescue group he came from has never had another purebred Shepherd puppy; Jackson's litter mates were also adopted very quickly.

It seems to have been fate that I encountered Jackson's story on the Petfinder website. When people comment about how lucky he was to have found a loving home, my comment is:"No, WE'RE the lucky ones!"

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