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Frankie - posted 01/21/2013

From Ann of Philadelphia, PA

Frankie was an abused cat, someone burned his paws and threw him from a moving car. A couple found the injured tabby limping and barely able to walk and got him to a vet. He was a very sick kitty, in addition to the burns and sprains he had an infection, worms and tested positive for FIV! The good Samaritans that rescued him could not keep him, but put out fliers and actively looked for a good home for the cat. Poor Frankie had been placed in several homes only to be returned, All he really wanted and needed was someone to love him. When I saw him and held him it was love at first sight! He has been my constant companion for the last seven years, defying the odds, he is a healthy. thriving cat who loves nothing better than to snuggle up with me in bed and sleep under the covers!

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