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Georgia-Sue - posted 01/18/2013

From Donna of Sandwich, MA

We've always had large, pedigree, male dogs and after losing one last Christmas, I decided to get one from a shelter. I have a rental house in Darien, GA. and am well aware of the problems they have with their abundance of strays. On my last visit to Georgia I went to the shelter to see the litter of puppies I had seen on your "Petfinder" site. As I was flying home I needed a dog that would fit under the seat of an airplane, and none of these pups would. I was resigned to the fact it was "not meant to be" and told my husband so. A few days later, (my last day) I went to work out at the "Y" and who was there but the guy who works at the shelter. He said he had gotten a dog the night before. She was previously adopted by an older couple and was surrendered back to the shelter, after only a few weeks, with many tears. Would I come by after my work out and would she fit under my seat? YES!

A little over an hour later I had Georgia-Sue in my car, racing to the pet store to get her a carrier and leash. We made the plane with no time to spare and I remembered I never told my husband about her!

So, I stepped off the curb that night with our "Little One" She was a 9 lb., 9 month old, wire-haired dachshund with golden hair.

We have never had such a sweet, loving, playful, fun pet! We introduced her to many dogs, cats and people. She loved everyone she met with lots of kisses.

We took her everywhere, from the beach to the mountains. We enrolled her in training and she quickly learned to sit, stay, down and to wait for food.

She spent Thanksgiving and Christmas with us. She loved getting toys!

Tomorrow (Thursday) would have been 8 weeks. Sunday she ate a good breakfast, played with toys and then started vomiting. We took her to the emergency hospital but they couldn't figure out what was wrong and they couldn't stabilize her. We decided to take her off her little respirator at 3pm Monday. It was a very sad day.

I'm sharing my story because while it isn't a "Happy Tail Story", we loved our little dog and she loved us. Georgia-Sue gave us pure joy for the 8 weeks we had her.

My husband and I decided last night that while we are heartbroken and grieving right now, there are so many dogs that need good homes, so we will adopt a shelter dog again. That is why I am looking at right now and saw this opportunity to share our story of our beautiful baby girl that left us too soon.

It has also helped me get through this very dreary afternoon. Thank You

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