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Adopted from People For Pets, Spencer, IA

Katy - posted 01/05/2013

From James of Spirit lake, IA

After moving to our newly remodeled home at the lake and having our ten year old Boston terrier become homesick for the new place we started thinking about a new puppy. Our youngest will graduate in May and our oldest girls were home for the holidays. I kept posting photos of friends skiing with their big dogs at our local recreation area and my wife started thinking maybe it was time for me to get a trail companion. Well, the puppy deal fell through on December 23rd, as the pick or the litter and last puppy was kept in the fold instead of being sold. My wife who is not really a dog person and is a little afraid of big dogs suggested we go to the local shelter where a friend of hers volunteers just to take a look and see if there was a fit for us. I felt that just having a chance was such a complete surprise and Christmas gift in and of itself that she and I bundled up on Christmas Eve day and headed to the Spencer, Iowa shelter to take a look at up to three dogs that might be a good fit for us and our Boston terrier. My wife had looked at a medium sized dog that came right to her but took one look at me and went directly back to his kennel. The second dog the kennel suggested we look at, but not only would she not come to me but she turned around in the doorway and headed back to her kennel, too. One the way down, I told my wife that I remembered having my childhood blue heeler state fair dog choose me and my sister. We also had a stray choose my dad strolling into the newspaper office after hours and stayed with us for life. I had a feeling if this was meant to be, our new dog would choose us. I never expected two dogs in a row to choose so decidedly that we were not a good fit. The shelter staff and the two of us decided we would look at one more. They asked me who wanted to be introduced to. I had reviewed the website and noticed a red Doberman named Katy that looked very interesting to me. The staff members gave each other a look as they had put the big dogs in the back so my wife wouldn't be afraid at the suggestion of her friend. Several minutes went by as they looked for her collar and found her in the back pen. They walked her to the doorway and I was all the way across the room near the office door just for us to take a look. Katy came into view, made eye contact with me and walked right up, put her head on my shoulder, her chest under my arm and proceeded to talk to me in Doberman. I walked her out to my car to get the lead that I brought and she jumped right in the back seat, ready to go! We have been walking, biking, skiing and napping together every day since. What a great Christmas present and incredible start to the new year with this most remarkable of unexpected blessings! My wife is in love with her, too and has enjoyed the walks and skiing time together and just a fresh, new start with our new dear family member. She is so gentle with everyone, such a lady and has been wonderful with our Boston terrier. Dear Minnie two socks is no longer homesick and is actively engaged in showing Katy the ropes around her new digs! So far the training had gone beautifully and Katy has fit in perfectly! We did find that at two years of age, she sustained an injury to her hind foot that has become quite arthritic, but as it turns out, her daily physical activities and new supplements seem to really be working wonders!

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