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Hailey - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Hailey, a dog
Adopted from Foster mommy for Bullmastiff Rescue

Hailey - posted 12/29/2012

From Beatrix of Williamsburg, VA

Hailey's story. . .

We've owned a few dogs in our time and we always liked BIG dogs so, two years after our 14-year-old Pit Bull died, we were looking for our missing family puzzle piece. I've always love the Mastiff breed and I did some reading and researching on the breed, and one thing lead to another, and I found this wonderful rescue site from Petfinder. As I looked I saw a pic of a beautiful creature. I was curious so I filled out an application and within one day someone got back to me with an email address of the fostering mommy. Well long story short, we contacted each other and a few weeks and a lot of schedule changes we traveled three+ hours to meet Hailey. The moment I saw her through the glass door, I was terrified. She had this look on her face, and I actually thought she was going to eat us. Her foster mommy opened the door and this beast came charging at us.. . Charging at us to give us love and slobber us with kisses. WE FELL IN LOVE. She acted like she was made for our family and was waiting for us to pick her up. Her foster mom brought us to our missing piece of our family puzzle. The whole ride home Hailey gave us kisses. I didn't think we'd make it home because she was all over the car trying to kiss everyone. Our faces were raw by the time we got home. From then it has been nothing but love. Whenever we go out, we can't wait to get home to mush that face. Recently my 13-year-old daughter was going through a rough time, and the one thing that brought a smile to her face is Hailey and vice versa. Those two belong together. When Megan was sad, Hailey would lie next to her and kiss away her tears. Megan spends a lot of time with Hailey, training her, and those two love each other. And yet even though we were going to set rules for this huge lap dog (like no sleeping on the bed) it's so hard to look at face and say no. So yes we couldn't say no to her sleeping with us and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Thank you ABA/petfinder for finding our baby.

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