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Chipper - posted 12/25/2012

From Gregory of Lisbon, ME

After years of "pushing" my husband to accept the idea of a cat in our home, my I had four dogs for a long time. s time passed the older ones passed on due to Lyme disease, old age and kidney failure. This left me with one dog (FRIEND). FRIEND was nine-and-A-half and had never been alone. He cried all day when my wife and I were at work. My Mother lived upstairs and woul come down to try and comfort him, but she could not spent the entire day with him.

I searched the NET for springer RESCUE sites and found the Springer Spaniel Rescue of Long Island. They had a representative in Maine that I called about getting another dog as a companion for FRIEND. My wife and I drove out to Steep Falls, Maine to see Chipper at his Foster familys home. We brought FRIEND with us to see how they would get along. Chipper and FRIEND hit it off as did my wife and I and we adopted Chipper.

Three months after adopting Chipper the Rescue director called to ask if I would like to adopt or foster another dog. I told her that after having four doogs for so long that two dogs was enough for me. She the told me that the dog she had was Libbey Belle and that I had sold her as a PUP ten years earlier and that she would just be coming HOME. Of course I wanted her back HOME.

Libbey Belle was turned in to the Rescue service. She tested positive for heart worm, was badly matted and had kidney problems. We brought her home and I was back up to three dogs.

I had to put FRIEND down due to cancer at age 11. Libbey belle followed after being HOME for a year and now Chipper was all alone. He took being alone much better than FRIEND did.

My mother dveloped Dimentia and Chipper was very comforting to her. He would her her crying and go over to the door and look back at us; as if to tell us I need to go help Grandma. We would let him upstairs and he would run to Mother. She would pet him and forget about why she was crying. The night befroe she passed Chipper went over to he bed and gave her a kiss.

My MOTHER, FRIEND and LIBBEL BELLE are all gone now, but Chipper is still with us.

Chipper was and still is a gift from GOD. He came to us and brought Libbel Belle back home and helped my Mother and us in our time of need. Chipper is a special dog indeed!

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