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Adopted from Home For Good Dog Rescue, Summit, NJ

Charlie - posted 12/22/2012

From Alyssa of Flemington, NJ

My husband and I stopped by Petsmart one day to pick up some dog food when I inquired about some adoption signs they had up outside. The cashier mentioned that it was Home for Good Dog Rescue and that I should check out Petfinder and see if they had any dogs that I would be interested in, as he handed me a card.

I loaded up the page as soon as I walked in the door of my home. Immediately I spotted a fluffball named Dusty and I knew at that moment that she was definitely the one. I ran outside to my husband who was gardening and told him that I had found the perfect match and that I was going to contact them about her immediately.

After going through the application process and being approved for a meet & greet, my husband, Otto (our rescue German Shepherd/B&T Coonhound Mix) and I all loaded into the Jeep and headed up to Summit, NJ to go meet Dusty.

She and Otto hit it off immediately! It was like they were made for each other. The woman who we were meeting with, totally agreed. They were sharing water five minutes into their meeting as if they had known each other forever. She was perfect.

A funny quirk in the whole matter was that we were initially looking for a male dog. Dusty had been listed on Petfinder AS a male, but a while into the adoption process she rolled onto her back and we realized that HE was a SHE! All of us had a good laugh but it never even entered my mind that she was not the one for us.

She was a rescue from a high-kill shelter in Georgia. Her brothers are both Golden Retrievers with green eyes, but she's totally brindle. We did some research and we believe her to be a Golden Retriever / Lhasa Apso mix (she has their tell-tale fur part down her spine), with a genetic pre-disposition to the brindle coat.

She is definitely a one-of-a-kind-looking-dog! I've never seen anything else like her.

To this day, she gets along great with Otto. She's been renamed Charlie (which pays homage to the fact that we once thought she was a boy). Her favorite thing in the world is to be outside in the snow. She fits in with us amazingly and we love her to bits!

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