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Bear - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Bear, a dog
Adopted from Wright-Way Rescue, Niles, IL

Bear - posted 12/22/2012

From Nicole of Chicago, IL

From childhood, I grew up with dogs. I loved animals of all shapes and sizes, but I could not wait until the day when I could adopt my very own furry child. After what seemed like endless searching, I stumbled upon Wright-Way Rescue in Chicagoland. They moved dogs as fast as they got them in and were a top-notch organization. I scoured their site and fell in love with one pup only to learn he was already reserved and ultimately got adopted. A few weeks later, a new litter popped up, and there was one boy which just melted my heart. He was coming up from Kentucky along with his littermates and mom and was labeled as the "shyest and largest" of the litter. Shy, maybe, but in his intake picture, I noticed a blurry tail -- that meant he was wagging! That sold me. I knew I had to have him. I immediately emailed and called the shelter, making sure I had him reserved, and I got first pick! He would be coming up two weeks later given that he passed the final vet check. Those two weeks felt like eternity. I had his photo as my phone wallpaper and fell over and over in love. When the day finally came, I was excited beyond belief. I left work a bit early to make my appointment on time, and then I was led to a little playpen at the rescue where they would bring me my boy. As they placed him inside, it was obvious he was terrified. They reassured me that he's extremely shy but, before they could finish their sentence, something flipped inside of him and he began jumping all over me and licking me like crazy. The shelter staff couldn't believe it and started calling others to come look. They were yelling, "Come look! Tank came out of his shell!" -- I guess he really was that shy and scared before we met. That moment forever symbolizes our relationship. We are each other's confidence, support, happiness, and love. We have both grown so much together, and my love for him exceeds any word I can think of. I am forever grateful to have logged onto their site the morning they uploaded his picture and for visiting dozens of shelters before I met my soulmate. He means the world to me and more.

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