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Oliver - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Oliver, a dog
Adopted from Conroe Animal Shelter, Conroe, TX

Oliver - posted 01/02/2013

From Alison of San Marcos , TX

I had been looking to rescue a poodle mix and followed up on a few but was always a little too late and someone else had beaten me to the adoption. In the middle of the night my friend texted me a picture of a big brown matted lab poodle mix. Although the picture was only of the top of his head and he would not look at the camera when I saw the picture my heart stopped I knew he was "the one"Â! The only problem was he was almost 200 miles away in a city shelter. I inquired about him and was simply told that they do not hold dogs and it was first come first serve. They also said that a lot of people were interested in him. Within an hour I had left work and was in my car driving to the shelter with my sister who decided to come along for the adventure. Three hours later we arrived at the shelter I walked in and was greeted by a friendly shelter worker, I smiled and said, "I am here to see Oliver," the look on her face said it all and I was devastated when she explained Oliver had been adopted just hours before. There was a family in the lobby who said they had also driven hours to see Oliver but were too late.

Strangely Oliver was still at the shelter as the woman who adopted him had plans that night and did not want to take him home and then leave him alone for the evening. The worker offered to let me see him since I had driven so far. I said that I understood that he belongs to someone else but wanted to see what I had driven all that way for. When I walked up to the cage I began to cry, I was so sure he was the one. The shelter worker was so kind and offered to show me some other dogs but I was not interested. I pet Oliver's nose through the cage and whispered to him that I wished I could take him home. The lady told me that she had a gut feeling he would be back as it was an 80-year-old woman who had adopted this rambunctious 2 year old doodle. She took my information and my sister and I made the long drive back home.

Four days later I got a call from the shelter and I could not contain myself when I was asked "Do I still want a dog?" Oliver was back and he was mine! I can't help but think what a crazy twist of fate it was that the 80-year-old woman came in and adopted him which essentially saved him from being adopted from the family I met in the lobby.

It has been almost a year since the adoption and Oliver cannot be a more perfect match for me. His quirky personality makes me laugh every day and I feel so lucky that such an amazing dog came into my life.

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