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Simon - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted from Last Chance Animal Rescue, Southampton, NY

Simon - posted 10/25/2012

From Jean of Shoreham, NY

My best friend of 22 years was a beautiful 24/25 year-old seal-point Siamese named Sammy. Sadly, he recently departed this world for more peaceful pastures, which, for obvious reasons, has left a gaping hole in my heart. It's been nearly two months at this point, and I still cry whenever I think of my beautiful, fuzzy best friend! <P>

Siamese cats are a 'rare' breed: they think they are dogs! Anyone who has ever been owned by a Siamese will know EXACTLY what I am saying!

Once you've known and loved a Psychomese, you will forever be a fan of the breed. Thus, when my beloved Sammy left me behind, I felt in my bones that I had to find another Siamese who was in need of a good home. Of course, Siamese cats in shelters are not a dime a dozen: in my online search on Petfinder, I found ONE little man in my area. Well, alright, maybe not just one: but the other Siamese cats needing homes were all seniors and I just knew I could not go through losing a friend again so soon after the devastation of losing Sam. Therefore, there was only one option for me: a little lilac Siamese named Simon.

How do you read a two sentence blurb on an animal, view a photograph, and know much of anything about whether or not you want to spend forever with that creature? You really can't know, so I won't say

that I saw Simon and fell in love; I didn't. He was a beautiful little boy - only 4 months old - with those trademark stunning blue

eyes. But he was not my Sammy. Despite this fact, I decided to take the chance on little Simon and I sent an adoption application to Last

Chance Animal Rescue of Southampton, New York. I hoped that he hadn't already been adopted and that I would be able to meet him and fall

head over heels in love! <P>

I waited to hear from Last Chance for several days but my e-mail remained silent. In the interim, I sank into a depression over losing Sam. Hoping to raise my spirits, my mom rushed me over to Kent Animal Shelter in Calverton - near our home - where I found a little girl named Fannie Mae who ended up stealing my heart. Fannie Mae may only

have one eye, but let me tell you that little girl does not know that she is handicapped! That said, now that we had Fannie Mae in our lives, finding a second cat would require knowing that this animal was

friendly toward other felines and was not going to use and abuse my new little princess. <P>

Within a few days, the call from Last Chance came: Simon still needed a good home, he was good with other cats and animals, I had been 'approved' to adopt him, and he was going to be at a local Petco adoption event in a few days. One problem: the events are 'first come, first served' unless you pre-adopt. Did I want to take the chance and adopt this little man without meeting him beforehand? Or did I want to go to Petco to meet him first but risk that someone could adopt him before I even arrived? Truth be told, as I write this out it sounds a little zany to say this but it was never really a question for me: I adopted Simon that night over the phone. I felt in my heart that we were going to be a good match even if I cannot put into words why that is; even if there's no logical explanation. So I

pre-adopted Simon and waited patiently to meet him a few days later. <P>

It turned out that Simon was living at one of the rescue

organization's shelters in South Carolina, so he made a long trip to come to Stony Brook, NY. And he beat me there! I arrived in early afternoon, met the wonderful people from Last Chance, and announced

that I was Simon's new mommy. I was met with excited chatter all around! Simon was the hands-down favorite 'attraction' of this

adoption event: he had been loved, coddled, oohed and ahhed over for the few hours before I arrived. In fact, the organizers had to hang a

big sign on his cage that read: "I'VE BEEN ADOPTED" to staunch the flow of eager cat-lovers wanting to take him home. Four months old

and he was already a local celebrity! When he was handed to me, I will admit that it was love at first touch. His little fuzzy body was so nice and warm, and he immediately rubbed the side of his face all

over my face to claim me. As I stood in Petco cuddling my new little man, everyone entering or leaving the store continued to make googly

eyes at him. Okay, so he's a beautiful boy - I admit it! He has a gorgeous little doll-face, some might even say that he looks like an Ewok. (For the record, I am convinced that he should be the new face of "Fancy Feast" cat food!) <P>

With Simon safe in his cat carrier, I departed for home with a warm heart and yet heavy thoughts ravaging my mind. Would Simon be nice to

Fannie Mae? Would the two of them get along or would Simon decide that Fannie was an easy target? It was my greatest fear that upon meeting one another the two kittens would go insane and I would end up

having to choose between them. I knew in my gut that if it came to this, I was going to choose Fannie Mae - and that felt unfair to this new little guy who was staring out of his carrier with amazing blue eyes. Who could deny a face like that? <P>

I will wrap this lengthy diatribe up by saying this: my fears were completely unfounded! From his first moments with us, Simon has fit like a glove. He is sweet and gentle, and though the kittens tend toward rough play, he is always careful with little Fannie Mae. In fact, Fannie Mae took him under her wing instantly and was sure to let him know just who is the queen of this jungle! Little Simon has taken it all in stride thanks to his laid-back personality. When Fannie Mae

goes nuts and he's had enough of being licked and prodded, he simply saunters off to his favorite sofa and treats himself to a nap. He is,

in fact, part narcoleptic - I am convinced! Which is not to say that Simon is all calmness, cat-naps and zen - hardly! This little guy is CRAZY...for food and play and more food. Eating a meal around Simon

has become a bit of an Olympic-style event, trying to juggle kitten, fork, and food. (And don't even tell me about a spray bottle with water, because he just thinks you're giving him a free beverage!)

Strangely, Simon is not much of a talker just yet but I guess we will see what happens as he ages. <P>

Ultimately, I took a big chance (pun intended) on Simon and while he's not my Sammy,

he is a truly special little man in his own right. We are only just

getting to fully discover our own little 'groove' together - as grandma is definitely his favorite family member - but I think we love and respect each other enough that this is going to last for a long, long time. When I hold Simon in my arms and we stare out the window

together - bird-watching is our favorite mutual hobby - I feel

perfectly at peace with my decision to bring Simon into my family. He's the polar opposite of his 'big' sister Fannie Mae, but that yin/yang is what makes being owned by two wacky kittens so purr-fectly amazing! <P>

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