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Monty - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Monty, a dog
Adopted from Buffalo Pug & Small Breed Rescue Inc., Alden, NY

Monty - posted 10/19/2012

From Kathy of Lewiston, NY

Three petfinder rescue dogs, Dooley, Huckleberry and Curly were already family members. It seemed like a good time (dog adoption month) to add a new buddy to the group. I searched petfinder for baby male dogs who were probably of the low shedding type and found Monty at Buffalo Pug and Small breed rescue. He was born in Kentucky, his mom and most of his litter died due to parvo and he made it. He was in Rochester in foster care, with Mr. Pat waiting for the right home. Monty is a wire haired Brussels Griffon /Pug mix...only pug evidence is his tail. He is one ball of energy. Curly who was rescued by Open Arms Rescue in Akron New York has a very docked tail due to the puppy mill he came from. He seems to think Monty's curved tail is a handle. The two youngsters are having a blast, running around and playing together. There is no TV show that is as amusing as watching them play. I really did not care for Monty's name at first but after seeing him, jump into a kitchen table chair, flip the chair over and land on top of the kitchen table just like it was no big deal, I think maybe someone named him for Monty Python's Flying Circus, which completely makes sense given his acrobatics and goofy nature. Thank you so much Petfinder AND Buffalo Pug and Small Breed rescue as well as Open Arms and Sanilac County in Michigan where Huckleberry came from. We are so happy and blessed to have such great dogs in our lives. One final note the dogs are all unofficial adjunct psychology professors at Niagara County Community College. They help demonstrate classical and operant conditioning to Intro to Psych students.

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