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Adopted from Humane Society of Greater Dayton, Dayton, OH

Luci Gucci - posted 10/14/2012

From Debbie of Centerville, OH

Luci was about 4 mos old when we adopted her. Within a week she had fire engine red gums,swollen lymph nodes and couldn't eat well. After multiple tests, antibiotics, steroids and a 2nd opinion, total of 7 vet visits in the first month, she was tested and was "very strong positive" for Bartonella bacteria which causes Cat Scratch Fever. I wouldn't change a thing in our experience. My son said as we left to go "looking" for a kitten, if we get a girl let's name her Lucy, I agreed. We found her at the last shelter, she was only one to let us hold her even and purred like crazy! We checked with agency and her name was Luci! We said she's ours! We got the kitten we needed because she's out of the box health and we never stopped until we got an answer. Bartonella is real and a danger to people whose immune system is already compromised. I'm so happy we got her and now with right medication she is growing, happy, playing and eating like an 8wk old kitten. Never be afraid to get a second opinion. We wouldn't trade her for anything! Our story has a happy ending and we wanted to share about this disease so others are aware. It's uncommon for kittens this young to show symptoms although they carry the bacteria. It's spread by inflicted fleas and sometimes ticks. Thanks for reading our story and even with our experience, I wouldn't hesitate to adopt again.

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