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Adopted from Vance County Animal Shelter, Henderson, NC

Phoenix - posted 10/14/2012

From Karen Lyn of waldorf, MD

Phoenix was picked up as a stray and taken to a shelter in rural North Carolina. The shelter sent out pictures to all of the rescue groups they deal with and asked for someone to please take in this sad little 1 year old black lab mix that was sick and so depressed and sad. City Dogs Rescue in Washington, DC saw that sad face and said, we have a foster, put him on the transport truck. This is where I come in. I was asked by City Dogs to foster and work with Phoenix (we renamed him Phoenix because we knew he would rise again)! I took one look at that picture and said bring him up, we will take him in. There was just something about that poor pathetic boy that no one could say no too. Phoenix made his way up north with 31 other dogs loaded in a van for transport further north. I waited in Alexandria, VA at 2:00a.m. to meet the transport and take Phoenix home. When the van arrived, I saw Phoenix who was facing the back of the crate and did not look at anyone. He was so frightened that he froze. He had never had any human interaction that was positive. I took him home and let him sleep uninterrupted for the night, but the next morning, I was ready to get to work. Phoenix got a much needed bath and when he was rinsed, the water ran brown with dirt. He had fleas and ticks, scabs all over each ear. He had 4 puncture wounds 2 on top of his head and 2 underneath his jaw from where he was bitten by another dog. These wounds were still oozing blood. Poor Phoenix was seriously so petrified, that he tried to hide behind anything he could find. Once his bath was finished, we set out to see if he would walk. He most likely was never leash walked and had a couple fits, but picked it up pretty easy. The next day, he went in to be checked out by the local human society to be neutered and have his blood work done. He tested positive for erlichia and demodectic manage. He had tape worms and was still frightened of people, but once we started his medication, he started feeling more like a pup again. His ears were healing, his coat was clean and shiny, and his head and tail were held high when he walked. There were so many people rooting for Phoenix along his journey, and none of his rehabilitation could have happened had it not been for the efforts of many people! Phoenix was with me for 2 weeks and quickly became the sweetest gentlest dog I have ever met even after having lived on the streets fighting for food his entire life. Phoenix found his forever home with Greg and Gordon and now lives in Washington, DC and is loving and enjoying his new family. On the weekends, he's a country dog in West Virginia.

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