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Chewy - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Chewy, a cat
Adopted from Adams County Animal Control, Brighton, CO

Chewy - posted 09/20/2012

From Tricia of Golden, CO

This is our amazing boy, Chewy. Chewy was brought into the shelter as a stray by a good samaritan after having lived on the streets for a very long time. I had been on Petfinder occasionally over a few months time, and had seen a Persian cat listing whose name was a number and didn't have a picture. I told my husband that we needed to see this baby. We asked ourselves," how is it possible that a Persian cat is still available after many months in the shelter?". Upon arrival , we discovered why he may have been overlooked, being that he is a little "unique" looking. We fell in love immediately and brought him home. His eyes were very infected when we adopted him, so much so that the shelter was unable to see that he was 100% blind. Chewy had numerous health/past abuse issues. Not only was he blind, but he was declawed (imagine fending for yourself blind and declawed on the streets), weighed only four lbs, had a severe skin fungus, and an extremely rare bacterial infection that our vet had heard of, but never seen in her 20 years of practice. He also had had a broken jaw that healed on it's own, numerous teeth infected or missing, and severe nerve damage in his spine from some sort of major trauma, that left him walking as though he has severe hip problems. After a few months, Chewy doubled his weight to 8 lbs, we conquered the infections and fungus, and Chewy began to regrow his fur. Now, three years later, Chewy is our pride and joy, and we can't imagine life without him. It has been determined that he is an older boy, probably around 13 years old now, but he lives everyday as though he's a young man. Anyone who comes in our house would never know that he is blind being that he maneuvers the house as well as our sighted pets. Chewy became our vets favorite survivor story, and although she didn't think he would make it in the beginning to to his extreme health issues, he is a happy, healthy, boy who beat the odds, who loves his family more than any animal could. He is so appreciative of everything we do for him, and lets us know all the time with all of the kisses he gives. This little guy has brought us so much immense joy through his courageous, nothing can conquer me spirit, and his ability to still give so much love and trust when so many failed him in the beginning of his life. We will be eternally grateful to him for the gifts he has given our family.

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