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Luna - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Luna, a dog
Adopted from Northeast Georgia Animal Shelter, Lavonia, GA

Luna - posted 08/29/2012

From Jordan of Atlanta, GA

David and I had been thinking about getting a dog (me more so than him) so I was browsing petfinder one night after he had gone to sleep and ran across this beautiful white Siberian Husky called Sophia. I emailed him the link and texted him the next morning while he was at work and asked what he thought about her. There was not much information on the page, just breed, gender, and adoption fee, so there wasn't too much he could say. He told me that I could call and find out more information on her and then we could think about it. So I called that morning and started off by asking if she was still available (I figured a Siberian as beautiful as her would have been snatched up immediately). The lady replied, "come and get her because tomorrow is her last day!" My heart nearly hit the floor. I asked a few more questions mostly about her personality and the woman answered most of them. After getting off the phone, I immediately called David. Of course, he was caught off guard and just kept saying that he wasn't sure if we were ready for a dog and he really wanted to meet her first before I just went and got her. Problem was that he was busy all day (Thursday) and was going to be out of town that night and would not be back until the Friday, which I had to work and would be unavailable and then she would be put down on Saturday to make space for more incoming dogs. He kept putting it off for several hours until about 1:30 when we both kind of came the same conclusion... I would go get her and at least rescue her and if it did not work out for us (mainly because of our cat), then we would find her another home. At least we would be saving her life.

I drove the nearly 100 miles up to basically the South Carolina border and met her. She was outside in a pen with a few other dogs, covered in red clay, and nearly skin and bones. We got her out and took her inside where I asked to see her reaction to a cat. They brought one in and she went up to it to sniff it and when it hissed and walked away, she moved onto other things (the reaction I was looking for). That was more than enough for me, so I signed all the paperwork, paid the $55, and took her home. We stopped by Petsmart to get her a few things and then immediately gave her a bath and then trimmed her way too long toenails. Most of the clay came out of her coat (it took several baths to get it all out) and you could just tell that she was relieved to be clean and inside. She was pretty exhausted and slept most of the night. The next morning, David came home to meet her and of course played it off like it was not big deal.

It has been almost 5 months now, and she is doing so much better. David fell in love with her and neither of us could even think about finding her another home. She has a new name, Luna, which we thought would be fitting because of her color. It was also ironic because there was a full moon on the night that was supposed to be her last night alive. We've found she has some food allergies and got her on one that she is not allergic to, allowing her to fill out and reach a healthy weight. She has learned how to play with toys (something she was not very good at before), and is still figuring out other dogs. She figured out potty training super quickly and hasn't had an accident in months. She and her feline brother, Boris, are now best friends. She joins David and I on our weekly hikes and absolutely loves going places with us. She is so well behaved and just wants to be near us, as she follows us from room to room and waits for us by the door when we are gone.

We are so thankful for finding her on petfinder and making her a part of our life.

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