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Lacey - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Lacey, a dog
Adopted from Animal Welfare Association, Voorhees, NJ

Lacey - posted 08/01/2012

From Andreina of Washington, NJ

Almost four months ago one of our beloved "babies," better known as Emma, passed away. Her absence left our whole family, including her brother Rex, empty-handed, confused, and deeply saddened. We were severely affected by her passing and, naturally, we grieved for several weeks. Even Rex went into a depression, very obviously realizing that his sister and best friend was no longer with us. We will never ever forget what a precious little pug she was and what an impact she made in our home. While we knew Emma could never possibly be replaced, we also knew and understood that we needed to live in the present and do what was best for the family and for Rex. In honor of Emma, we thought adopting a dog in need of a forever home would be the best for all of us. Never having adopted a dog before, we began searching all over the internet on adoption websites for an addition to our family and for a friendly companion for Rex. We searched every single day for weeks on end, hopeful in bringing home the best baby for all of us. That's when we found adorable Lacey on Petfinder, just minutes after AWA had posted her photo onto their site. The second my mom and I saw her picture we knew she was the one and we had to meet her right away. They hadn't even put a description about her onto their website yet before we were on our way down to meet her in person. To make things kind of short, within two days of her being in the hands of AWA she was home with us.

It's been a little over two months now since our family adopted Lacey and we thought we'd give you a happy update on how she's doing. Lacey had a bit of a sad background. She was surrendered by her previous owners in terrible health conditions...from being underweight to having fleas to having patches of fur missing all over her body and the list goes on. We are also almost positive that she had been physically abused by her previous owners. She was just extremely fragile in general. We didn't care one bit about her conditions and we knew she belonged with us. Let's just say a lot has changed since she was dropped off at AWA. For starters, she's gained four pounds since being with us and now weighs a healthy 14 pounds. Lacey's a very small pug to being with, but man can this little girl eat! We've taken her a bath, which she didn't mind at all. But she absolutely hates anyone touching or going anywhere near her nails! We realized that the hard way when we tried cutting her nails and it seemed as if we had a 100 pound dog in our hands. We've taken her to the vet and everything seems to be A okay. We've also renewed her pet insurance. Rex and Lacey met during the adoption process and their meeting was a joke. They're both extremely calm in general and definitely with each other. Although they haven't gotten to the point of actually cuddling with one another, they certainly enjoy being in each other's company. Lacey thinks our house is some kind of spa or something because all she wants all day is to be rubbed on her legs and belly. Whenever you go near her she dramatically throws herself back, making herself ready to be pet and played with, which of course we always give in to. She and Rex have the comfiest doggie beds in practically every corner of the house for them to lay down and snuggle in. She's a smart little cookie and has gotten so used to her fluffy beds that heaven forbid she has to lay down on the hardwood floor for just a minute. She and Rex also have more toys and stuffed animals than we can event count, which of course they use more as pillows than to actually play with. Okay, so you might say they're both a TAD bit spoiled. But who wouldn't spoil such cuties?!

Lacey is the sweetest and most precious little thing in the whole world. We rescued Lacey not only to save her, but to give her a new life. Lacey was never meant to replace our Emma, who we sadly lost. But she has helped soothe us in unimaginable ways. She brings nothing but pure joy and happiness to our home and is always keeping us company and making us laugh. She has saved us just as much as we've saved her. She is just perfect. Thank you Petfinder and AWA for allowing us to become Lacey's forever family and for all that you do for so many animals! We would have never found Lacey had it not been for the both of you.

If anyone is considering bringing a pet into their lives, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE adopt! There are millions of animals in need of new loving homes and there is truly no reason to not adopt!


The DeSousa Family

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