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Sugar Baby - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Sugar Baby, a dog
Adopted from DeKalb Humane Society, Butler, IN

Sugar Baby - posted 07/04/2012

From Kathy of Waterloo, IN

I saw her picture and somehow just knew she was the new pet we were looking for for our blue heeler to be partnered with, and I was right. After a week of calling and talking and arranging, we met her and right off it was a hit. She had a rough bark. I called her out and asked her to sit and shake and she did! Who could throw away such a wonderful dog? She has 43 acres to run on, but stays right by the front door! She and our heeler, Ka No Ki, get along great. Both play ball and fetch, even in our pond. This dog has no bad habits. Bow to God for this wonderful find!

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