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Tig - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Tig - posted 06/29/2012

From John&Chrissy of Kinde, MI

Tig has brought so much love and laughter to our lives that we wanted to share his story. We found Tig on, we fell in love with him the minute we saw him. He was a one-year-old male with the biggest ears and longest legs I have ever seen on an eight-pound dog in my life. His owners gave him up because they said he could not be trained. We decided to take a chance on him and we couldn't have been more right. After the owners had him about a year, he didn't even know his name. He would cower frequently and acted sad and nervous a lot. We did have some issues training him, no matter what we did, his accidents were not decreasing. After about two weeks of failed training, we realized that his problems were not behavioral. Tig had several bladder stones and was full of infection. After a few trips to the vet and staying on a special diet, Tig is symptom free and does not have any accidents in the house. It's been six months; he is cowering significantly less and loves his new home. He loves playing with his new feline siblings, cuddling, traveling and sleeping under the covers. He lights up the room wherever we take him; everyone falls in love with him instantly. We wanted to share this story to make people aware that there may be underlying issues to behaviors. Please don't assume it's always behavioral, unfortunately we don't know what kind of lives our rescue pets have lived before finding a good home. We assume that Tig was holding his pee to avoid being hit in his first home, this created an infection, the infection was left untreated and the stones formed. He was a really sick little guy but now is living a great life. Good luck to everyone and thank you,

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