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Baby Girl - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Baby Girl, a dog
Adopted from Randolph County Humane Society, Elkins, WV

Baby Girl - posted 05/02/2012

From Melissa of Rural Retreat, VA

ROTTIES RULE!!! Never was there a doubt in my mind. After having my first Rottie, Lola, for 9 years, I knew the hole in my heart could only be filled by another Rottie deserving of a forever home. So to Petfinder I came. And there she was.... Four hours away and four years old. Having lost her home and ending up in a shelter, I knew she was the one. Kelly at Randolph County Humane Society was great. She first got back to me on a day they were closed. Boy was it a long week until I made the four hour trip up and four hour trip home with one special Rottie who we now just call Baby. She's adapted into the pack just fine. It didn't take any time for her to claim her spot on the couch and the bed. She's everything a Rottie should be. Never was there a doubt in my mind about adopting a shelter Rottie.

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