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Amos - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Amos, a bird
Adopted from Cumberland Animal Control, Cumberland, RI

Amos - posted 12/30/2012

From stephanie of no smithfield, RI

Once an avid Petfinder watcher, recently I hadn't the time, for one reason or another, to check out the animals searching for homes at our local shelters. As Fate would have it, one early evening I felt the inclination to relax and check out the site. We enjoyed our flock of birds, a cockatiel, a small conure and a canary immensely, and my husband and I had talked about someday adding a slightly larger bird that perhaps could be trained to talk. Imagine my surprise and delight when I tuned in and saw "Amos," a two-year-old Congo African Grey ready for adoption at the local Cumberland Shelter! I called immediately and made arrangements to meet Amos the next evening. Amos was quite a sweetie, waving at us when we arrived and allowing us pretty close as we cooed over him! The shelter technician insisted he spoke a couple of words in the few days he had been there, but there wasn't any evidence that evening! We experienced a moment of tension as the folks that arrived before us hadn't made a decision if they wanted to adopt him. But happily they did not, and Amos came home with us two days later!! He is such a wonderful addition to our household, and his vocabulary is outstanding!! He is so much fun to be around and has become a very loved part of our family! The attached pic is the pic from the shelter!! Thank you Petfinder!!!

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