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Muggins - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Muggins, a dog
Adopted from Humane Society of North Texas, Fort Worth, TX

Muggins - posted 03/24/2012

From Elizabeth of Burleson, TX

Muggins is our recently adopted 4 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. I would often check Petfinder, to see the locals pup in my area for adoption, and had been wanting to adopt for quite a while. One day when I was checking Petfinder, I stumbled across Muggins, who was then known as "Camron". I left the window with Muggins' Petfinder profile up on my dad's computer, for him to find when he got home. Sure enough, when he got home he told me it wasn't fair that I had left a picture of an adorable adoptable puppy on his computer! We then began emailing back and forth with his foster mom, and went to meet him that next Saturday. Sure enough, he was perfect, from his personality and energy to his looks. We got to pick him up the following Tuesday after his surgery.

That was about a month ago, and he has added nothing but joy and laughs to our family, and our two other dogs absolutely love him. He is incredibly smart, and I've already been able to teach him sit, lie down, shake, high five, roll over, stay, come, leave it, wait, look, and how to walk on a leash. He has been growing like a weed, and is nearly twice the size he was when we adopted him! He also charms every person who meets him, and makes regular trips with me up to our local nursing home, where they all love him. I am looking forward to many MANY more years with our new little fellow.

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