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Mommy & Baby - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Mommy & Baby, a small & furry animal
Adopted from Have-A-Heart Guinea Pig Rescue, Burlington, NJ

Mommy & Baby - posted 03/02/2012

From Samantha of Austin, TX

I was a young teenager when I first wanted a guinea pig- I researched online about how to take care of them properly and also about the benefits of adopting. When I got the "OK" from Mom and Dad, I searched on Petfinder and came across what would soon be the two loves of my young life. Mommy and Baby were found in a box in Delaware and taken to the Have-A-Heart Guinea Pig Rescue in New Jersey. The day we adopted them, they came home to a huge clean cage filled with fresh veggies and toys, and most of all- a whole lot of love. Over the next six years, they enjoyed breakfasts of grass on the lawn, piano playing in their room, and tons of kisses. Mommy and Baby brought joy to my sister and I's lives. We absolutely loved them- they really were our friends, and they sparked a fire in us that will never go away. Mommy and Baby passed away within a few weeks of each other last year and they are deeply missed. But, my sister and I both know that we will always have guinea pigs in our lives. I encourage everyone I know who is considering getting a pet to adopt from a rescue because it is so rewarding and fulfilling for both yourself and the animal. You just know in your heart that you did the right thing and that just makes your experience as a pet owner so much more enjoyable. After two adopted dogs and two adopted guinea pigs- my family will always be pro-rescue.

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