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Bun Bun - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Bun Bun, a rabbit
Adopted from PetSave Foundation, Hawthorne, CA

Bun Bun - posted 01/14/2012

From Willow of San Pedro, CA

My son brought home a bunny. Told me someone was going to throw it off of a bridge & could we keep it. I said we don't need any more pets but reluctantly said OK after a few minutes. He was told it was a girl & a dwarf. Well turns out it's a boy & only part dwarf. My son was not caring for it very well so I took over the care of the bunny. After awhile I decided he needed a companion & went to the PetSave Foundation in San Pedro & inquired about adopting a bunny. I ended up volunteering to clean cages & that's when we got Samantha. She bonded with Bun Bun & i've since added Blake & Angel to the family.

It was Bun Bun who started it all.,Turned me into a bunny lover.

I now take care of & feed the buns that are from the rescue but reside at our local Petco, on a daily basis (we have 2 Angoras there who need grooming daily, plus 2 other pairs), keep the petfinder buns updated, still clean cages at least one day a week , give the buns names, make the name cards that are on each cage/pen & even have my own youtube page of bunny videos, alot of which are the videos I put on the petfinder website. Plus post the Petfinder bunnies on my facebook page regularly hoping to get them adopted. You can say I'm a bunny nut & you'd be right!

I absolutely love bunnies!!

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