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Max, Buster & Piper - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Max, Buster & Piper, a bird
Adopted from Live and Let Live Farm, Concord, NH

Max, Buster & Piper - posted 12/20/2011

From Meg of Goffstown, NH

I recently adopted the three doves from the Live and Let Live Farm and they are doing great, and cooing up a storm!

The doves are funny little birds with big personalities;Buster loves to get into trouble and then fly off laughing "hehehe" all the way to the next adventure, Piper is quiet and cautious but she loves to explore the shelf where their food is kept to make sure no seeds were dropped, and Max, my friendly little guy, acts like a dog, he comes over when I talk to him and will sit next to me while I do homework.

These spoiled birds live in a huge dog kennel where they cuddle and play with their kitty toys until their free flight time where they come out every day for at least an hour while I clean their cage and study for my classes. They love to fly up onto the ceiling fan (which is always off when they are out!) and fly onto each fan blade while chasing each other and cooing until they get tired.They also enjoy sitting on top of my Oscar fish's tank and teasing Finn before flying off to find mischief somewhere else!

These birds are so much fun, they make me laugh every day, I love them!

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