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Tank - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Tank, a dog
Adopted from Loved me, But left me... Animal Rescue, Leslie, AR

Tank - posted 11/20/2011

From karissa of Harrison, AR

Tank.... oh Tank... Tank is the best cuddle buddy in the world, but his life wasn't always about cuddling. Tank's life started off with cruel people who got him as a puppy and chained him up to a pole on a concrete slab. He was unchained only to have his mouth taped shut and to be used as a bait dog to train pitbulls. He was chosen for this because of his size; he's a lab/mastiff mix. Then one day the people chained him up and never came back. He was found by the local shelter, six months old, 30-45 pounds underweight, with scars all over him, bad joints due to malnutrition, and no front teeth because he had tried to eat the concrete post where he was chained. The shelter wrote on his kennel that he was a pitbull/mastiff mix. This caused him to be looked over and to sit in the shelter for a year. With the day of his death coming closer, a nice lady from a rescue center came and took him home. He slowly became happier and realized people wouldn't hurt him. Then one day I got on Petfinder and saw his picture. It was love at first sight. iI contacted the rescue center and they met me halfway. I now had my cuddle buddy. Once home, he was shy, but with time he came around. We have had him for 10 months and he has gained 55 pounds (making his weight 155lbs). He loves to lie around the house, play tug of war, and swim. He is the ultimate survivor

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