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Princess Poptart - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Princess Poptart - posted 11/18/2011

From Lu of Kenmore, WA

This is a story about a princess.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful, regal white kitty. At age 12, Poptart found herself living at the Seattle Humane Society and was very sad. Other kitties came and went, but no one took her home. Until, one day after almost a year of living there, a family adopted her. Poptart lived with them for a month, but they brought her back as they found out she was "kidney challenged" and they would have to give her subcutaneous fluids on a regular basis.

Unbeknownst to Poptart, another family had been watching her on Petfinder and the Humane Society's website. Rocky and Lu had wanted another white kitty, as they had lost their beloved Jack at age 15 months to a rare blood disease 5 years earlier. They really search their hearts about adding another family member because they already had 2 kitties and a senior puppy dog that they loved very much. Plus, Poptart was a special needs kitty. But, that was okay with them, as they had given fluids to their senior toy poodle before they lost him to kidney disease.

So, on Memorial Day, 2011, Rocky and Lu went to the Seattle Humane Society and met Poptart. She was a little "cranky" but this was totally understandable, as she had been there at that point for 14 months. Plus, Rocky and Lu felt that she deserved to live her golden years in a loving home. So home Poptart went!

Poptart integrated beautifully with all of her new family members. There was some hissing and chasing, but all of that settled down. Her new name is Princess Poptart, for she is truly a princess! Her personality continues to shine through and she is more loving each day!

The best news is Princess is no longer kidney-challenged. Her kidney values have continued to come down, as she has been on special kidney cat food. And per their vet's instructions, Rocky and Lu weaned Princess off of her fluids 3 months ago. New blood tests were run last week and Princess' kidney levels are completely normal!! 6 more months of no fluids! Test will be run again at that point to make sure she is doing well.

Princess will live happily ever after with Rocky and Lu and her fur sisters and brother.

Moral of the story: With love and care and good food, older kitties can flourish and become wonderful family members! Poptart has stolen our hearts! We are so blessed to have her in our family. So, please consider older pets for adoption. They are so worth it and will give you unconditional love and appreciation!

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