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Sabrina Louise - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Sabrina Louise, a cat
Adopted from Lycoming Animal Protection Society (LAPS), South Williamsport, PA

Sabrina Louise - posted 11/15/2011

From E. F. of State College, PA

It was autumn of 2006, and one of our two cats had died. Our surviving kitty Murphy, then age 10 or 11, seemed lonesome. As we considered adopting a buddy for him, we looked for a mature but still active feline that would match Murphy's age and energy level. But local shelters didn't have any cats that fit all of the necessary criteria.

Then someone told us about Petfinder, and we widened our search to include other rescue organizations in our state. The Lycoming Animal Protection Society (LAPS) profile for a senior kitty with a first and a middle name caught our attention: "Sabrina Louise is a friendly, affectionate girl that gets along well with other cats." She was estimated to be nearly 9 years old, and her status as a senior made her even more attractive to us. When we met her at the shelter, she climbed into our arms, and we were hooked.

As soon as Murphy met her, he was hooked, too. Even though they had been introduced as seniors, they got along beautifully, playing tag with each other and wrestling like kittens. In the years since then, Murphy passed away. Sabrina Louise has had two more feline companions, each one a senior adopted from LAPS.

Now 14, Sabrina Louise is still a friendly, affectionate girl. She not only greets us when we get home, but she also runs to meet anyone who comes to our door. Several times a day, she meows to announce that it's playtime or to signal that she'd like some attention. At night when we're sleeping, she pats our faces very lightly to wake us up so that we'll pull the covers back and let her snuggle in bed with us. She has the loudest purr of any cat we've met. And she's a real trouper, having overcome dental problems that left her nearly toothless. When she meows, there's something about seeing only three fangs that makes her even cuter.

Thank you to Petfinder for introducing us to Lycoming Animal Protection Society and to LAPS for granting us the privilege of taking this sweet senior into our home and into our hearts.

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