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Rufus - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Rufus, a dog
Adopted from City of Springdale Animal Services, Springdale, AR

Rufus - posted 11/07/2011

From Charlotte of Springdale, AR

I was volunteering at my local municipal shelter in October 2008, taking pictures for their Petfinder page. I came upon this tiny, emaciated, nearly bald neutered male chihuahua. They had him listed as being about 10 years old but he looked far older than that. He was cuddled up under a blanket, looking miserable and cold.

After I finished taking his pictures, I put him back in his cage with another blanket and moved on to the next section. A few minutes later,I heard this pitiful howling and crying. I went back to see who it was - the tiny old man was sitting on top of the blankets, shivering. I wrapped him up and carried him around with me while I finished up some paperwork. As I put him back in his cage, he started crying again, but I had to leave, so I made him as warm as I could and walked away.

That night, I told my husband about him and showed his pictures. He told me to bring him home and we'd do what we could to get him into rescue. I found a contact that agreed to take him and brought the old man home the next day. He melted our hearts immediately, settling right into our home. My husband decided there was no reason to send him on to someone else - we would be his forever home for whatever time he had left.

We fully expected him to live only about six months, but this little guy is a fighter. He's been with us for over 3 years now. He's lost most of his eyesight as well as his teeth in that time and has become somewhat incontinent but he's completely healthy otherwise. He sleeps most of the time but once he hears the food bowl, he's up and raring to go. We think he's closer to 17 than 13 but he's still going strong. We cherish every moment with him that we can.

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