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Yogi - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Yogi, a dog
Adopted from HART (Homeless Animals Rescue Team), Fairfax Station, VA

Yogi - posted 10/04/2011

From Janet of Waldorf, MD

Yogi has been with me for 3 years August 23rd.

He is funny

He is lovable

He is entertaining and he is a Tripod -- I almost named him "Awww!" because he always come to whoever says it

When Sparky, my Jack Russell, died, I wasn't going to get another dog, but when Zach (who walked Sparky for me) made a donation to the rescue group, I figured if a 12-year-old could do that, so could I.

And that's when I saw "Ted E Bear" on the H.A.R.T. website.

He looked like he could use a home, and I knew I needed a Jack Russell.

It had been 2 months and my home was too quiet, too clean and I just didn't want to go home at night.

Then Yogi (renamed for Yogi Bear, or as a Yankees' fan Yogi Beara) came to live with me and everything changed.

He LOVES kids; so every morning before I would leave for work, I would walk him to the school bus stop and his new "friends" would each drop a treat for him to catch. He has quite the following, Jia, Kristina, Rohini, Olivia, Gracie, Ivette, Jaelyn and Kabilah (who fake-drops the treat and he rarely catches hers - so when anyone misses, it's called a Kabilah). Once the kids get to know him, nobody even notices he doesn't have a left back leg.

He also has to stop at the Rental Office to visit Catherine and Jerry -- each one drops 2 chicken chips for him and we keep score, except we start over every Monday. Yogi has his special routine with Catherine: he belly-crawls into her office and then he leans up against her and she pat/thumps him until he slides onto his back to get a good scratch -- then it's okay to finish our evening walk.

I used to kiss Yogi on the head at bedtime and tell him "I love you...more every day." Then one day, after about a year, I kissed him on the head and told him I loved him....and I REALLY meant it, I would miss him if he didn't live with me. That was the first night he wanted to sleep on the bed with me and In the morning when my radio came on there was a song about being amazing "just the way you are" and when I looked over my shoulder, Yogi was laying on his back with his head between the pillows. What a character!

I picked him because I thought he needed a home -- he picked me because I think he knew I needed more than that.

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