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Tippy - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Tippy, a dog
Adopted from Toledo Animal Shelter, Toledo, OH

Tippy - posted 09/26/2011

From Kandice of Toledo, OH

I've been wanting a dog ever since I've started college and was living away from home. I missed my own dogs, but they were now 3 hours away. For the first two years at school, I lived in the dorms. This year, I live in an apartment with two of my friends. Over the summer, I had a co-op (paid internship) for my degree in engineering and was making money while still enrolled in college. I decided this was the time for me to start looking. I asked my roommates if it would be okay with them, they said of course, and I started my search to adopt a dog. I scoured Petfinder for months, looking for the right dog. I lived in Elyria over the summer, so I wanted to wait until I was settled in Toledo before I adopted, so quite a few times, I would fall in love with a dog on this website and then the dog would be adopted. I even made a list of some of my favorites for my friends and family to see and help me decide at one point! On the list was a corgi-mix named Tippy. I had her on the list because she was a good size, she sounded like she would be a good fit, and I've had an interest in corgis lately. The week before classes started, my boyfriend of 3 years, my best friend, and I went to three different shelters on a Wednesday in the Toledo area to see the dogs in person. There were quite a few I liked, but none of them were really perfect. Until I saw Tippy at the Toledo Animal Shelter with my boyfriend the next day. I went into the shelter to kind of scope her out, because I thought that one of the other dogs at another shelter was going to be right for me. But the instant I saw her, I fell in love. She was adorable, tri-colored tan, black, and white, about a foot and a half tall, and missing half of her right ear which wasn't noticeable in her pictures online. I asked a volunteer if I could see her out of the cage and we went outside in the yard to play with her. She was fast. She loved to run. She loved to chase the tennis balls they had, and she loved to play in the kiddie pool they had in the yard. She jumped completely over it at one point! Not to mention, she splashed me a couple of times. Despite her high energy, I could tell that she was a total dork. How did I know this? Well what else would you call a dog that stuck her head under the water and ran laps around the inside of the pool? And I loved that about her because I'm a dork, too. I told my boyfriend, John, that she was the one. The day after that, we went in and handed in the application for her, ready to take her home. My roommate came with us. We went back to see her while we waited for someone to come help us. After a while, another volunteer found us and explained to us that everything on our application seems great except for the fact that they would prefer if Tippy went to a home with a fenced-in back yard because of her high energy. I was heartbroken. My roommate, John, and I went back to the other shelter, but none of them stuck like Tippy. I didn't understand it. How could I want something so badly, know in my heart that she was the dog for me, only to be told no? Mind made up, I returned to the Toledo Animal Shelter to ask about Tippy again. This time, I spoke with the director of adoptions. She was a very kind woman and I explained my situation to her: I understand that they are truly trying their hardest to ensure that their dogs go to a good home, one that will fit all of their needs, but that I'm a very active young woman, I like to go for walks and am planning on taking her for multiple walks a day, I have two roommates who are equally as active and excited about owning a dog, that I've had experience with high-energy rescue dogs before (we trained our pointer mix, Maggie, to catch Frisbee) and that I really believed Tippy was the dog for me. The director told me that they would get back to me and that they would consider letting me do a trial adoption first, to make sure that Tippy is a good fit for our lives. I was to call in everyday and report on how we were doing with Tippy. We took her home and I was so excited! We got her a purple collar, some dog toys and treats, a big pillow, and a cage for her. I did as I said I would. I walk her multiple times a day, I play with her whenever she wants someone to throw her a ball, I take excellent care of her, and even though I had decided to make her sleep on the floor, after just a few short days she was in bed with me every night. I called in every day and the adoption was finalized about a week after the trial started and I had made a best friend for life. Now, Tippy follows me everywhere. She loves to run in the courtyard outside our apartment building and never strays far. The only time I have to worry about her getting away is if there's a squirrel outside! But she's usually very well behaved. I took her home to my family and my parents and little sister loved her! Even my dogs (Maggie, the pointer, and Daisey, a long-haired chihuahua) got along with her well! She loved my family as well, and I strongly suspect that she likes my boyfriend more than me! (If that's possible... ) Adopting Tippy was one of the best decisions of my life, and I'm glad I have a new best friend who's just as big of a dork as I am, and who will love me unconditionally and appreciate the care that the shelter gave her before I had a chance to know her.

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