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Collin - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Collin, a dog
Adopted from Friends of Attleboro Animal Shelter, Attleboro, MA

Collin - posted 09/13/2011

From Melissa of West Roxbury, MA

We found our sweet little Collin on Petfinder, after months of looking for the right match for our family -- already 1 dog and 2 cats.

He had been found as a stray in West Virginia and was sent from a high-kill shelter to a shelter in New Jersey. Apparently the shelter staff thought he was sweet and had potential but he was extremely skittish and afraid of just about everything.

From NJ he ended up in foster care through FAAS, which is where we met him. He has big brown eyes that would melt your heart, but instead of running to you for rubs--like most dogs--he would scrunch to the ground in fear and tuck his tail under his bum. The minute I met him, I knew, he was the one. He captured my heart and broke it at the same time. Him and Snuggles, our Jack Russell mix, got along well enough, so we moved forward with the adoption.

His foster mom was so nice, but she did caution us that he would need a lot of work and socialization. For the first week, he mostly hid in his crate--and we still make sure he has a "safe place" for when he feels overwhelmed. It took almost a month just to get him to be able to take a walk around the block--and the first few times he was so scared he pulled out of his harness and took off!

It has now been 2 years and we love him so much. Now, he LOVES going for walks, although he is still startled by loud noises and large crowds, etc. And, he still does not love going in the car, but takes trips to the park, the beach and "grammpy's" house for weekend visits.

One of the best things about Collin is that he is proof that all he needed was love and trust. He just needed to know someone cared enough about him to be patient while he learned about the great big world around him....and that the world was not so scary after all. He has certainly helped my husband and I be more patient and understanding. The first few months were the hardest, but now we can't even imagine life without our 2 babies. And, him and Snuggles are best buddies. They absolutely love each other -- they play, cuddle, and nap together all the time. He learned so much by watching shadowing her...and she learned that she was not always the center or attention and that she had to share sometimes.

It has worked out better than we could have imagines. Collin is proof of the healing power of love. And that dogs with emotional special needs require just as much - if not more - extra love and attention than those with physical special needs. :-)

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