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Luna - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Luna, a dog
Adopted from Ohio Puppy Rescue, Westerville, OH

Luna - posted 09/13/2011

From Kimberly of Fairborn, OH

Luna is a pure-bred Australian Shepherd, and bad breeding practices left her blind and deaf…and all white, hence her name. Luna is Spanish for “moon.†Luna was one of four in a litter that was taken by a breeder’s family to the fair to give away in the hopes of avoiding having to put them to sleep (that’s why she still has her tail). I was trying to recover from the devastating loss of another pet (also a special needs dog we found on Petfinder)…and felt like I wanted to adopt another special needs dog. Our previous furbaby was deaf…yet such a true gift. Surely I could find another special needs dog in need of a home. When I ran across the Ohio Puppy Rescue, their mission was inspiring, and right away I noticed the pictures of this beautiful baby girl in need of a home. But this babies' needs were big, she was deaf and blind. We discussed her as a family…made sure we all were prepared to make the sacrifices necessary to give her a good home. We felt like it was our duty to help and our privilege to receive the love we were Luna had to offer. The day we brought her home, she was 4 months old, and unfortunately had come down with a severe case of pneumonia. We helped her recover and from that time forward, she’s been full steam ahead! I have never seen ANYONE so determined to be happy! Luna mapped out the downstairs in no time at all…and after three days of taking her outside, she mastered the doggie door on the way out…another two days to consistently find her way back in. She does all the things that regular dogs can do…she chews on my shoes (I’ve lost 5 pair now), chews on doggie toys, barks at cats (they really bug her), walks on a leash, paws at me for treats, and barks at strangers. She goes out in the rain and jumps in the air to try and catch the raindrops. And she talks…a lot. Whenever we are gone, even if just for a few minutes, when we come back, she howls and greets us like we’ve been gone forever and just returned. She’ll lick the air until she can find our faces to give us kisses. The sacrifices we’ve made are few, and her gifts are many – I wouldn’t trade her for any “normal†dog…she’s just perfect just the way she is. And I’m so thankful to groups like Ohio Puppy Rescue for making the connections with pets that change people’s lives. Thank you for Luna!

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