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Ollie - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Ollie, a dog
Adopted from Wiregrass Humane Society, Dothan, AL

Ollie - posted 07/25/2011

From Chloe of Troy, AL

I've always been an advocate for shelter animals. The day I found a house in my small college town that allowed pets was the day I started searching for my own. When I fell in love with a small spottie puppy on Petfinder, my boyfriend only had one concern. Ollie was deaf.

I'm a sucker for the dog nobody else wants at the shelter. When I saw that Ollie's entire litter had been adopted out but him, I had to have him. In the few hours before my boyfriend would arrive home from work, I read everything I could find about training a deaf dog. I contacted the humane society to make sure Ollie was still there only to find out in two days he was going to a PETCO adoption event. The staff advised me to come get Ollie before then.

When my boyfriend, Gaige, arrived home that night, I spilled my long rehearsed plea for the small deaf puppy. I included all the training tips I'd read online to prove I was ready for the "special needs" pup. Gaige gave in and then I told him we'd have to go get his kennel, food, etc right then at 11:00 PM because I was going to get Ollie the following day.

Ollie, now a large 58 lbs, has just turned 1 year old this month and he is an amazement to many people he meets. Ollie is very loving and happy and no one notices he is deaf unless they're told. Ollie responds to hand sign commands, shakes, high fives, and goes to his kennel on command. He was no more difficult to train that a hearing dog. He walks on a leash and goes outside in his fenced yard alone. He is hardly "special needs".

My Ollie has been such a blessing to my life! Won't you give a shelter animal a forever home today?

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