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Smokey - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Smokey, a cat
Adopted from Catnip Friends Cat Rescue, Flemington, NJ

Smokey - posted 05/27/2011

From Jenn of Brampton, ON

In August of 2010, we lost our beloved manx to cancer. My boyfriend and I had done everything we possibly could to help him live out the rest of his life in perfect comfort but sadly, we knew what was coming. We were absolutely devastated when we had to put him to sleep as well and we held him in our arms as it happened. Although we were determined to help another cat who needed a home, we weren't sure if we could do it right away, since we were emotional wrecks. We had decided to wait a few months and see about adopting from one of the local organizations. A few days after "Cheeba's" passing, my boyfriend was on just to see if manxes were widely available, since we were so fond of the breed.....and lo and behold, there was a smokey gray manx up for adoption, an identical twin to our Cheeba. Ross ran into the bedroom with my laptop, woke me up and shoved the computer onto my lap. I saw Smokey's picture, gasped and started tearing up. I asked where he was, only to be told that he was all the way down in New Jersey! We looked at each other for a moment and I asked, with a smile, "what are we going to do about this then?" He didn't say anything, just smiled, and I knew that we had to go for it and apply to adopt him. I sent in the application online and had my computer on first thing in the morning because we were so anxious to hear back. I figured that it would be a good idea to add a little more to our application so I emailed Linda at Catnip Friends Cat Rescue to let her know that we would love to have Smokey in our home, we were willing to put in the effort, that we were used to special needs animals and that we would just love him to death, and best of all, we were prepared for drive 8 hours to the U.S.A to come get him LOL. Online, Smokey's status on here became "pending" and I was worried that we didn't end up getting him...until I read my email and got a notification that we had been approved to adopt him. We were so happy, we went out to celebrate and showed pictures to all of our family and friends, like he was a child :) When we travelled down to New Jersey to get him, we were so nervous! When I first saw him, I had to wipe away a tear right off the bat. He was a tiny little guy in the corner of his carrier, scared and as nervous as I was, with those bright green eyes looking out at me. He was a little antsy in the store but as soon as I got him into our carrier and into the car, he started opening up to being held, pet and spoiled rotten. During our whole drive back to Canada, he slept on my lap, except when we were at the border crossing of course (which was such a hassle but totally worth it!) and when we got home, he literally ran out of the carrier and started nuzzling our German Shepherd. He was already making himself at home :)

Over the last 6 months, he has blossomed into a lovable, adorable tank of a cat who makes me smile everyday. If he's not sleeping in the bathroom sink, or in the laundry basket, he's dragging my clothes into the hall to sleep on or he's on my lap sleeping in bizarre poses. He runs down the hall at high speed every night when he hears "Smokey! Bedtime" and jumps into bed with Ross and me. Although he looks like our Cheeba, he has his own distinct, charming personality that allows him to get away with all kinds of antics, including eating the dog's food when we aren't looking, and sleeping on top of the fish tank. We can't possibly imagine life without this little guy and we are shocked that early in his short life, he was slated for death in the back room of a shelter. The poor thing was ill with pneumonia and flea bite allergies and had been deemed unadoptable. Luckily he was rescued and nursed back to health by such an amazing organization. If it hadn't been for Linda and Catnip Friends Cat Rescue, we wouldn't be waking up to a trouble making cat waiting for his canned food with a little tilt of his head (OMG, cutest thing ever. Makes me okay with waking up super early to do it). Not only do we have Smokey, but we adopted another Manx cat, Bobbi as a friend. Because of the two organizations I adopted from, I became a volunteer myself and now help screen potential adopters as well as helping socialize shy cats and of course a lot of litterbox cleaning :) Hopefully we will adopt another, or even become a foster home, and its all because of Smokey.

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