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Adopted from Blue Horizons All Breed Rescue

Lindsey - posted 03/05/2011

From Lauren of White Plains, NY

I've always wanted a dog. Over the summer I went to my friends summer house. Her sister really wanted a dog. Her dad had no interest but about a week after we got home, they showed us their new puppy. That was when my plan went into action. My family never imagined having a dog, so they were shocked when I was so very determined to get one. I approached both my parents and my older brother. My brother didn't care if we got one and my dad had the same opinion. But, the biggest obstacle began when my mom told me she was adamant about not getting a dog. Some of my friends told me about I went on the site non-stop everyday for the entire summer looking up dog breeds, I found Cockapoos, Maltipoos, Havanese, Tibetan Terriers,Bichon Frises, and any other dog on the small side. Eventually, I slowly began to break through to my dad. I asked him to take me to different pet places. I was looking mostly at baby cockapoos and havanese when a group of puppies caught my dads eyes. He told me to come and look at them. Then the owner of the place explained the breed to us. They were called cavapoos (cavalier king charles spaniel/miniature poodle mix). I fell in love with the breed the moment I saw it. I continued searching and showed my mom a few dogs I found and liked. I began to see a positive change in her face when I talked about dogs. But when I over talked about them her face showed annoyance. But, we finally narrowed down two dog breeds that our entire family agreed on: cockapoos or cavapoos. I vowed to myself I would have a dog by the and of the summer 2010. As the summer drew to a close and 7th grade started I realized I was almost out of time. There weren't any baby dogs available at that time on petfinder. I started going on searching practically 24 hours a day. On September 13th I found six cavapoo puppies but there were no pictures! There were three girls and three boys. They were rescued from a backyard breeder who would have eventually destroyed them. The description of the puppies seemed great but why, oh why, couldn't they have had a picture? I showed my mom but she said, "no" because she wanted to see the pictures first. I prayed they would post the pictures soon. The next day as I went on petfinder I screamed with joy, "PICTURES!" My parents and my brother came down and we saw the six beautiful cavapoos. Each unique. Each had a fluffy apricot coat. My mom saw one of the female cavapoos and it had a fluffy apricot coat and a patch of white fur on her chin . My dad called the founder of the Blue Horizons All Breed Resue in Missouri. We sent in an application. September 15th was the exciting day we got accepted. It just so happened that it was the day before my birthday. Just the thought that my new 3 month old puppy would soon be transported to Connecticut and then brought back to my home in New York on October 2nd was the best gift I could have wished for. My search was over.

Now our little Lindsey is 8 months old and she is about 14 pounds. Our whole family is in love with her, even my mom! Lindsey has the best personality. She's friendly, playful, loving, and 100% good-hearted. Every day I can look at her and say, "This is my puppy and my long lived mission is complete!' Thank you Blue Horizons All Breed Rescue and thank you Petfinder!

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