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Photo of Regis, a dog
Adopted from Puppy Connection Rescue, Washington, PA

Regis - posted 03/18/2011

From Megan of Slippery Rock, PA

We adopted our dog Regis from the wonderful people at the Puppy Connection Rescue in Washington, PA. Although far from a puppy, Regis was saved from a life of loneliness and isolation being tied outside for all of his life. He has no hair under his neck because his collar was too tight. (We think he is between 6 and 8 years old) He is a big boy, almost 75 pounds, lab mix. He is THE MOST lovable, kind hearted animal I have ever met! He loves people, other dogs, long walks, and TREATS!! He has done NOTHING wrong in the week we have had him. He can sit, stay, and will give you his paw when asked. He is so eager to learn and please. How this dear, sweet, lovable soul could have been left outside for years without anyone to love is beyond my imagination! His personality is absolutely outstanding!

Regis did test positive for heart worm :( We are going to treat him for it and PRAY he recovers completely! We have fallen in love with this big, goofy, happy, friendly, do-no-wrong guy!! And we think he likes us too!!!! He doesn't know how to play, or go up stairs, or get in and out of the car. But as he begins to trust us more, I know he will learn! He is getting the hang of what you do with bones. He takes his medicine out of my hand so gently and carefully. His summer this year will be filled with fishing, boat rides, campfires, swimming, and TREATS! and more love than he could have ever imagined!! He is the ABSOLUTE BEST!

THANK YOU Kathy, Jeannie, Jen & Tim and everyone who gave this big guy another chance !! We couldn't be happier!!

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