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Adopted from Redlands Animal Shelter, Redlands, CA

Ranger - posted 02/02/2011

From Emily of Redlands, CA

I had never owned a pitbull, and honestly, I never thought I would. About a month after I laid my 15 yr old buddy to rest, it was time to find a companion for our now lonely dog Darby. I used Petfinder to see who was in our local Redlands shelter and saw a hound mix about Darby's age, so we got in the car with Darby in tow and headed to the shelter. When it didn't click with the hound mix, we visited with another dog, and another, and another. We had visited with 4 dogs that either didn't seem to care for us or care for Darby. Standing in the middle of the kennel yard, with all the dogs barking at us, I noticed one who was sitting against the block wall of his kennel, just watching us silently. We had walked past him a couple times but never paid attention because my boyfriend especially, was unsure of pitbulls. I said "Let's at least just take him out and visit." I was so impressed when the handler took him out and he didn't try to drag her across the yard like all the others did. He was a ball of joy in the play yard... a little wild, but who can blame a cooped up pup? He thought we were cool and Darby was fun, so I made up my mind to adopt the 6 month old pup.

Ranger is about 10 months old now and completely bonded to us and his big sissy Darby. Ranger is a real special boy. He has a level of patience and tolerance that always impresses me and others, especially with my boyfriend's 8 year old ADHD brother.

We are mid-way through our group obedience class and though Ranger is most definitely the class clown (often rolling over on his back when he gets bored), he is excelling at every task. We are out in public a lot and while some people cross the sidewalk to avoid us, most people adore him. He loves to spend the day in the office with me, going from one coworker's desk to another to visit. I'm pretty positive now that he is more 'big baby' than dog...

We are taking the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test and TDI Therapy Dog Test in March. With Ranger's gentle and tolerant nature and love of just about everything, it is my hope that we can give back to the community and maybe even rub off a little bit of tarnish that clouds the pitbull's image. :) He definitely changed our minds.

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