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Dean - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Dean, a dog
Adopted from Sulphur Springs Animal Shelter, Sulpher Springs, TX

Dean - posted 03/13/2011

From Lexey of Mount Vernon, TX

We had been searching for a dog online for months on rescue sites. I was sent an email with Dean's pic after inquiring about another dog and telling our story. I have a now 7 year old son with Down Syndrome and I wanted to get a dog that could someday become his companion and therapy dog. I visited the S.S. animal shelter to see Dean (who was called Colin there) and after only a few minutes I just had this feeling like this was our dog, so I decided to adopt him then and there. That was one of the best decisions I ever made! We came home and adjusted before the kids got out of school and after slowly introducing him to the kids found out what a FABULOUS family dog he is. After a trip to the vets we found out he was heartworm positive, so he has had to have treatment for that, and we had him neutered, but he never lets anything get him down. The vet was very impressed with his attitude and said that he was one of the most well behaved dogs he has seen in a long time. The vet thinks he is about three or four years old. We go for walks everyday and he loves to go to the park. He is so awesome and brings so much joy to all of us every single day. We are working on our skills so that one day we can take the service dog test. Our daughter has also become very interested in Dog Agility and has been working with him on that (mostly it's just play right now tho). He has been a member of our family for almost a year, and we are so thankful we could know such a great dog! I honestly can't express how much he means to us and how thankful I am to the ladies who emailed me his pics. You have given us so much more than a best friend, playmate and helper you have given us an angel with fur!

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