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Rhyder - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Rhyder, a dog
Adopted from Shelter2Rescue Coalition, Arlington, TX

Rhyder - posted 01/08/2011

From Kara of Arlington, TX

Like most people who are in search of a pet , I was looking for the perfect companion. As I was going away to school, I needed a stable presence in my life. Something that would always be by my side. I wasn't truly looking for her, but on a Tuesday night in April of 2010, she found me. I had downloaded the Petfinder app on a whim. I was sitting with my boyfriend just flipping through the pictures when my phone froze. The screen was stopped on a patchy furred puppy by the name of Tweety. I don't really know what called to me about that face, it could have been the wrinkles, or the sweet yet stubborn expression, but something was simply right about her. I emailed the shelter and got in contact with her foster parent and two weeks later I was taking her home. I named her Rhyder, a twist on rider because I wanted her to ride in the car with me, and Brandon Rhyder happens to be one of my favorite Texas country artists. Rhyder has ended up being perfect for me. She has had trouble from the beginning trusting people. She often ran to her various hidey holes around the house when new people arrived. I too have had trouble with anxiety over the past two years. I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme Disease my senior year of High school, since then I've been not only battling the disease itself, but depression. I often found myself retreating into my own space. It was hard for me to break back into the world and relate to others. Rhyder and I taught each other to trust. She is always by my side. She is my loyal protector and I am her's. Rhyder is a pit bull mix. That makes her one of the most loving dogs around. Since adopting her, I have grown a new better understanding for this misrepresented breed. I have only good things to say about pit bulls and their wonderful adoption rates to good homes. My life has changed because of my Rhyder bear. All for the better.

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