Francis Poncherello - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted from Baltimore Humane Society, Reisterstown, MD

Ponch - posted 11/15/2010

From Joelyne of Laurel, MD

My husband and I had wanted a cat for a while, but had not settled on when. I was curious about available cats in the area and I came across his picture in Petfinder. The moment I saw his face, I knew he was the one! I wanted to adopt an older cat and he was turning eight years old. When I called the shelter, they confirmed that he was still there and adoptable. He had been there for six months. He was apparently owned by an elderly couple who were put into a nursing home and Ponch (at that time his name was Honcho) was put outside by the daughter of the elderly couple. A neighbor recognized him and brought him to Baltimore Humane Society. Once I knew he was still available, my husband and I went to go look at him the next weekend. There was just something VERY special about him. My husband fell in love with him too, and we immediately filled out an application. Ponch wasn't perfect though....he was missing half of his tail and he was borderline kidney failure. The shelter staff made sure I knew what this could mean for me in the long run. I didn't care, I knew I wanted him. Today, Ponch is actively diagnosed with renal failure, and I give him sub-q fluids every other day at home, along with a special diet. Ponch has turned out to be an amazing cat. He is incredibly loving and affectionate, more than my husband and I could ever ask for. He adores us! So here is where it gets interesting...When we adopted Ponch, there was another cat named Alex who was in the cage above Ponch. He looked exactly like Ponch. The resemblance was uncanny! Alex was 2.5 years old though, so it was clear they were not from the same litter. The shelter staff tried to convince us to take him too, but we knew it was just be too much. We already had a dog named Freasky, adopted from Montgomery County Humane Society, and an aquatic turtle adopted from Washington Humane Society. Needless to say, I was stubborn and kept checking the Baltimore Humane Web site to see if Alex had been adopted. Eight months later he was STILL there! I convinced my husband to go to the shelter and take a look at him. Alex had been in the shelter for a little over a year and a half! That was almost his entire life. I knew I wanted to help him. Alex was pretty much to the point of being an unadoptable cat. He was extremely feral and had major aggression issues. I guess I would too, being locked up in a catch that long. I knew that with time and patience, he would come around. The shelter staff called him "Killer" and they were so happy when we took him home, lol. Alex is now called, Jon Baker, a.k.a Baker. If you are wondering why such weird names, my husband named them after the CHiPs TV show police officers that featured Erik Estrada. Erik Estrada played a police offer called "Francis Poncherello, hence Ponch. The other police officer, Larry Wilcox, was called Jon Baker. That, my friends, is how they got their names. :-) Our family is now complete with Ponch and Baker! Thank you, Petfinder, for helping my husband and me find our amazing cats!

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